How to make an acquisition - Run - outdoor?

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Davy COX
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To make an acquisition Run OUTDOOR, you first need :

– to add a patient (click here to learn how)

– to update your soles and calibrate them (click here to learn how)


1. You can start a RUN – OUTDOOR acquisition in different ways :

  • Go in the Patient tab, select a patient, and start the acquisition.
  • Start directly from the home tab as described below.

In the green area called “RUN ANALYSIS”, click on   


2. A new window appears where you will choose the patient concerned by the acquisition.

Validate your choice by clicking on “New Acquisition”.

3. A new window appears.
Select the type of acquisition : Run OUTDOOR :
4. Another window appears.
Select the right soles.
Or click on Add a pair of new soles (here how to) if you forget to register your soles.
5. Select the Running speed of the Treadmill for your patient.
To do so, click on the plus or minus until you reach the adequate speed.
Then click on the Next button.
6. Select the Acquisition time & Acquisition delay.
Click on the + or to change the length of the acquisition .  . Or you can choose  longer periods by clicking on 
You can also set up the acquisition delay (the time you give to your patient to be ready between the beginning of the acquisition and the moment he/she starts to run)
You can choose different delay : 5 sec.; 15 sec.; 30 sec.; 60 sec.
Once you set up those data click on Start.
7. The acquisition is now loading.  Ask to your patient to step on the treadmill.

After a few seconds appears another screen: Your patient can now run on the treadmill.

Once the run time is over the acquisition is done.

8. The Patient is asked to come close to the PODOStation for the data from the soles to be collected. The PODOStation will collect the data from the soles and the processing will begin. Once it is completed, you will be redirected to the results of the acquisition.