Beta testers Android

Digitsole Test Center is a utility app that will allow you to download the apps where you have been invited and be able to get the latest available builds.  



1. SET UP  

In order to facilitate the download of the app on your phone, please do the followings steps directly on your phone.  

Please click at the top of the page to download the file that will allow you to get access to your apps.  



Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, please open it and follow the steps on your phone to install it.  

NOTE: On some phone models your Android system might prevent you to install the app for security reasons. You need to allow the “External sources” to install the app.  


3. SIGN UP  

If you’ve been invited to test our apps, you should have received an email allowing you to register on Test  Center . The invitation should look like this:  



Please click on the  Sign-up  button, you will be redirected to a page which looks like this:  



You need to create an account first by using one of the following  services:  Google or Microsoft.  
Once your account is created, you can close the window.  




Please open the previously downloaded app on your phone and you should be sent to a screen that look like this:  




Now please sign in using the account you created previously.  

Once you are successfully logged in you will have access to the apps list that you can test.  

You are now able to download the app that you want.  


You will receive an alert notification because you are not downloading the application on the Play Store, there is no reason to worry you just have to go to settings and tick the “Allow from this source”.   


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Now you are ready to go!